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Tagging Your Monarch


Tagging your monarchs isn't mandatory, of course, but if you are going to the trouble to help save them, you might as well take one more step to tag them. It is super easy and very fun. Tags can be ordered on the Monarch Watch website. The tags are small circular stickers that you apply right to the wing of the monarch. It does not impede their ability to fly. Each tag has the Monarch Watch 1-800 number and a unique tag number. Monarch Watch sends volunteers and pays locals in Mexico to collect tagged monarchs overwintering in the Oyamel trees. In the spring, the tag numbers are posted on the Monarch Watch page, and you are able to see if any of your tag numbers were posted. It is always exciting to think one or more of your monarchs will make it all the way to Mexico!!

Monarch tags from Monarch Watch
Monarch butterfly being tagged


This is a data sheet Monarch Watch will send to you with your tags. You record all the monarchs you tagged on the data sheet and then return the information to Monarch Watch.

Tagging your monarch is quite easy and well worth the extra step. Please click the link below on how to tag your monarch butterfly.
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