A Garden Starts With A Dream...


The excitement is in the air at our house! The snow is melting and we are starting to plan our butterfly garden for this year. We have already started some seeds and are excited to see them sprouting in our little greenhouse on the kitchen table. I think this excitement happens with everyone around February/March. I tagged 30 monarchs last year and I plan to try and double that this year. That means expanding my milkweed and my nectaring plants. Here is what I am adding or expanding this season :common milkweed, purple coneflower, butterfly bush, morning glory, mexican sunflower, salvia, joe pye weed and marigolds. I am hoping, too, by building this website and spreading awareness that you all will also start a garden or expand your existing one. Another thought would be to become a waystation. That is also something we are hoping to accomplish this year. Please post pictures!! I love seeing what you all are doing. Every year I just want it to get better and better. I will know it's getting better by the number of monarch eggs I find in my own yard. That doesn' mean I won't go "hunting" for eggs and caterpillars elsewhere, but I will keep track of the eggs and caterpillars I find in my yard and the ones I find out in other areas. Good luck to you all in your gardening, and may your little sprouts grow strong! Much love, Dawn

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