One Million Monarchs is a beautifully illustrated book for all ages depicting the long journey of the monarch butterfly out of Mexico. Some monarchs are lost along the way, but ONE makes it with the help of someone very special. Are YOU that someone? Read this heart-warming book to find out!

"This is a fantastic book for all ages! Beautiful story with a great message! This is a book you will want to keep in your library forever. Gorgeous artwork too!"  - Amazon Customer

"This is a beautifully illustrated short book about monarch butterflies. It also has a message about the shrinking habitat for butterflies and encourages to plant milkweed. I like books that teach a lesson and provide a suggestion on how to help. This makes it a positive rather than a sad story."  - Ali Julia

"Easy to read and understand the plight of our beloved monarchs and the devastation we as humans have done to our land, their land. They need our help now by growing milkweed and nectar plants." - Holli Webb Hearn (The Beautiful Monarch)

The Tale of Ella is a true short story of a beautiful little monarch butterfly who taught her human mother a lesson about letting go. This story will tug at your heart, especially if you are a parent.