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The Caterpillar Chronicles

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Welcome one and all to The Caterpillar Chronicles! This website is for all of you who would like to begin raising monarchs, but are not sure how to start. I want to help you see how easy it can be. It is cheap, fun, and most of all, REWARDING. You will be helping maintain a population of insects whose numbers have been declining over the years. Overuse of pesticides and urban development are wiping out our native plant-life essential for monarch survival.


I am very passionate about increasing the monarch population and making safe havens for them in my yard. They need milkweed to lay their eggs and need nectar plants for fuel for their long journey in the fall. Join this amazing cause by planting native milkweed and native nectar plants in your gardens. I welcome any stories of your own, pictures and comments. Let's join together and have some fun!!

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